A recent interview held on 29th January, 2017, on Hitz 103.9fm hosted one of Ghana's most promising dancehall acts, Eye Judah. During the interview, two tapes recorded by the host, King Lagazee, was played on air. One tape recorded Eye Judah's previous statement on the same show about his contract with "Burniton Music Group (BMG)". Another recorded Stonebwoy's response to Eye Judah's contract claims with his record label on same show. Eye Judah was asked to clear the air on the issue pertaining the agreement he had with Bhimnation to the public. This is what he said.....

“About 2 or 3 years back, the management of BMG approached me and proposed a signing.The first person who made that approach was Black cedi who was the road manager for Stonebwoy by then.It was Black Cedi who brought me closer to the family and I later met Mr Karl who also was Stonebwoy’s official manager at then. Mr Karl was the second person to speak to me about signing, Jah know star . So the understanding they reached with me was that I should go ahead and represent BMG in my songs, cover artworks, videos and etc for the signing was eventually going to come on.
From my personal observation of how things turned out I felt Stonebwoy was the last party to actually know my connection with them but regardless, he was cool and was even the last person to speak to me about signing. I remember the first song I released during my affiliation with BMG was JAH LOVE. And when I presented that song to Cedi, he realized I didn’t mention BMG in the song so he prompted me yet again to mention it and that I shouldn’t worry everything will work out and the signing will eventually come on. So here’s the case am being given all the freedom to represent BMG throughout my things and given maximum assurance of a contract signing”. As a clever youth, the moment I start represent BMG throughout my art is the moment i “signed ” waiting on the actual signing to put everything to paper because the fans out there is going to see me representing BMG all over the place. In my songs, videos, artworks and will certainly feel my inclusion with the BMG network. So once I’ve been given that much of assurance, I can also push for the deal as a signed art as much as they’re pushing for it and asking me to represent it. So later if Stonebwoy comes on radio and says am not signed onto BMG, then I seize representing BMG".
In addition to the above statements made, he also stated that he is currently not signed to any record label but is being managed by Mr. Karl Gidiglo, the former manager of StoneBwoy. He wished the Bhimnation president well in all his endeavors. - Nanayaw Apenteng


           For some time now in Ghana, Dancehall has proven to be a competitive brand gaining huge attention both on our local radio stations and stage events.
On the other hand, the likes of Sarkodie, Edem among others have in recent times given a facelift to rap music with collaborative efforts that featured some up and comers who are strong contenders for the game.
           With the huge following dancehall commands, it seems to revolve around a handful of artists who represents for the genre. A sign which questions the future of Reggae Dancehall entirety.

To the surprise of #RevoDaily, New sensation Xhila Roy made a submission that popped the eye when asked who his favorite artiste is in dancehall.

           "I dont have a dancehall favorite in Ghana. I listen to more jamaican music.
I would rather choose Sarkodie over the big names in Ghanaian dancehall" - he said

Like seriously??? This was his reason:

           " He does what i have been longing to see in music(dancehall). He is a human being and may have his flaws but for the fact that he is able to line up young rappers in an attempt to bring some attention on them i like him. If for nothing, he is helping to build a strong foundation for the next generation of rappers.
The faces of dancehall in Ghana make it look like a taboo to do such projects. It is killing the business slowly" he explained.

            He has a new single coming up titled SELFISH as disclosed on his facebook handle. REVO DAILY will keep you posted.

Source : Daniel Akinkar


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